Design & Build

Stage 1: Think


This is where it all begins. We’re an inquisitive team, so we’ll start with some questions and listen to what you want from your new environment, before observing your business in action until we’re experts in how your space needs to work. Then we’ll research any extra information and make sure everything is clearly documented.


Using the information we’ve gathered we’ll define a clear and inspiring creative brief for your space, supported by reference imagery and key words to bring it to life and reassure you that the space we’re going to design is the space you’ve always wanted.

Stage 2: Create


We’ll use the brief to create concepts for your new space. Written and visual information will be translated into drawings, identity boards, illustrations, photo-realistic visuals and VR content. This will give you a real sense of how your new space will feel. All of this will be aligned to your budget, specification and finishes schedule.


We’ll put together detailed schedules of all finishes and fixtures, with a drawing package which details every part of the design and build. Our fixed price cost summary and breakdown highlights every aspect of the total cost, plus we’ll show the whole process in a timeline to give you clarity on key milestones and project delivery dates.

Stage 3: Make


We’ll build your new space to the exact design, specifications, cost and programme as agreed during our Think and Create phases of work. You will have a dedicated site team who will ensure smooth delivery is achieved through every stage of the process.


The end of the build doesn’t mean the end of the relationship. Staying in touch is just as important to us, so we’ll support you far beyond the completion date, whether that’s for a quick question, a modification or another exciting project.

Workplace Consultancy

We combine our knowledge of current best practice work styles, workplace settings, technology and design with key facts about your business and its people. This immersion into your business arms us with the knowledge to create a workspace strategy that will measurably strengthen your business, staff wellbeing & sustainability.

Interior Design

Much more than just finishes and furniture, we imagine futures and design interior spaces which truly reflect your vision and aspirations. We design spaces which are not only beautiful, exciting and positively different but are also futureproofed, support sustainability, ensure staff wellbeing, visually represent your brand and support the culture of your business. In short, amazing spaces!

Graphic design & Branding

For us it’s vital to truly understand your brand so we can interpret it into an intelligent, considered and visionary space. This could be soft and subtle or bold and stimulating. It could be graphical to make a striking statement, or sensory to arouse the feelings or emotions of your brand. Whatever it is, we’ll make sure it’s authentically you.

Cost Consultancy

Our pre-contracts team sit alongside our designers to keep your budget managed and your expectations met. They work tirelessly to ensure design aspirations are financially viable and packages are delivered for the best price. It’s critical to give our clients inspiring results with great value for money.

Furniture Consultancy & Procurement

Furniture is a saturated market with countless brands offering products at varying costs and quality. Our consultants cut through the jargon to get you the very best products and prices. We have the insight and industry contacts to bring you cutting edge design with reliable quality, tailored to the financial, functional and aesthetic needs of your project.

Project Management & Workspace Delivery

Your design and costs are meticulously detailed and documented to your exact requirements. The project managers will look after the build to deliver your project on time and on budget. If you need to make changes during the build our project managers will direct and deliver these with as little disruption as possible to the overall budget and timings.

Town Planning

We listen carefully to our clients to understand what they want to achieve and the help they need to get there. Our planning team is on hand to advise and guide you across the following areas: • General Planning Advice • Change of Use Application • Plant Application • Listed Building Consents • Approval of Detailed Conditions

Dedicated Aftercare

After we’ve completed the project, we’ll stay with you as your trusted partner. We’ll help you deal with any moving-in pains and on the rare occasion that a problem develops, we’ll deal with it efficiently and with as little disruption to your business. We are committed to building relationships with our clients that continue long into the future.